Galerie Ciaccia Levi

Ciaccia Levi Paris is a contemporary art gallery newly located in rue de Turbigo, close to le Marais neighborhood. For the gallerists, the works had to be as simple and efficient as can be, and would provide a neutral background for artworks and homogeneous lighting. Dealing with the chaotic condition of the existing space, we tried to reveal some lost hierarchy in the proportions of rooms by simply drawing one partition wall : one small room, one larger room, precisely 2,25 times larger, with the same proportions. This very basic layout provide a double exhibition space, two very similar and very opposed rooms to show artworks.
Two new doors are designed in the project, both very tall : a narrow one, leading to the office space in the back, and a wide one, leading nowhere but hiding electrical equipments and switchboard. Like the plasterboard covering and partition wall, they are as discreet as possible. In contrast, floor and ceiling remain less abstract, with a rough thin concrete screed and old moldings simply paint grey.

Architect : Nicolas Dorval-Bory Architectes