Maisons Monde

Teaching at ENSA-Versailles, 2nd year studio
2017 : W, Hz, cd, °C, Im, Pa
2018 : Polytechnique
2019 : Habiter

During three years, we developped a protocol with second year students to explore the compositional potential of physical and technical parameters of space. To heat, to shelter, to connect, to light, to hydrate, to insulate, to chill, to ventilate. Each of these are the base for several experimental and minimal projects, giving birth over the years to three catalogs with 138 possibilities to inhabit space.

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• 2017 - W, Hz, cd, °C, lm, Pa - 200 pages
• 2018 - Polytechnique - 266 pages
• 2019 - Habiter - 246 pages

With works by students :

Léo-Pol Lino
Dersu Dizman
Juliette Soubrane
Eva Simon Thomas
Marie Cossé
Xinyi Li
Marie Joret
Etienne Barrat
Louis Dumont
Ludivine Goujon
Margot Brien
Baptiste Touzé
Pierre-Nicolas Voisin

Jamie Gaulet
Yacine Bencheikh
Zennure Atay
Lucas Clement
Clement Rosiere
Iris Handschin
Vickie Defrance
Séverine Pavie
Maria Zboralska
Adrien Duverger de Cuy
Guillaume Legiemble
Elise Poulain
Maya Mouttapa
Louis Vandevyver
Aymeric Brouez
Hugo Mahasith
Arman Kirakosyan

Clara Bello
Pauline Mialaret
Ines Ben Brahim Andaloussi
Mircivan Caliskan
Arthur Della Schiava
Ugo Eon
Mateo Bouton
Gaston Delplanque
Maïlys Laborde
Wiame El Baraka
Charles Guian
Coraline Guineau
Andrea Mattioli
Enzo Migné
Mathilde Lacour
Ramatouallaye Diallo