Logements Dubois

In a beautiful wooded area in the middle of the village, gently sloping towards the stream, we didn't want to cut down any trees and alter as little of the natural soil as possible. By exploring the classic forms of cloister, courtyard housing and gable roof, we develop a general strategy of delicate insertion on the site. Favoring prefabrication to minimize impact on the site, the project displays two complementary techniques that each produce their own formal expression: platform-frame wood construction, and large infrastructural concrete beams.

Architects : Nicolas Dorval-Bory, Oglo
Team : Un établissement paysagiste, CBS-Lifteam, Vessière, B52, Vincent Bagot économiste
Team NDBA : Hugo Taillardat, Bruno Todeschini
Images : Ethan de Clerk / Jeudi.Wang , Nicolas Dorval-Bory
Location : Marcoussis
Area : 2100 m²
Year : 2022